Museum Mouth “Sacred” Music Video


Kory Urban, Bass. Graham High, Guitar. Karl Kuehn, Drums/Vocals.
Kory Urban, Bass. Graham High, Guitar. Karl Kuehn, Drums/Vocals

Last summer Southport’s fuzz-punk trio, Museum Mouth, released their concept album Alex I Am Nothing on Self Aware Records. The concept being a chronological retelling of a gay man’s obsession with a straight man he can’t have. It’s brave, attempting to tell the old unrequited love story with a fresh voice, without it becoming a cliche melodrama, while conveying an authentic noise-pop  journey. But Museum Mouth have been comfortable with themselves from the start, finding the fun in self-deprecation well before they got attention with the catchy rough and ramble of 2012’s Sexy But Not Happy. So with Museum Mouth, a concept like Alex is infallible. Relevant for anyone who’s ever been in love, and important for all the punk fans who always have to change the pronouns when singing along to their favorite songs,  Alex I Am Nothing is both beautiful and brutal with it’s unpolished excellence.

And just last week, Museum Mouth debuted their second self-directed music video from Alex over at Brooklyn Vegan. “Sacred” strangely captures all the feels of the album. The ambiguity of magical monster suits drowning in slow-mo is gorgeous. And a chin with googly eyes singing vocalist Karl Kuehn’s uneasy line, “You aren’t like me,” is fascinating, especially floating in a tub full of water beads.  A metaphor for heartbreak has never looked so tragic, in such a good way. Watch it below.






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