Hang Out: Dani, Tiffany, and Klay (Pie Face Girls)

Dani, Klay, and Tiffany
Dani, Klay, and Tiffany

After countless Sunday Funday brunches together, Dani Hoffpauir (vocals, guitar) and Tiffany Huff (bass), decided that they wanted to be in a band. And they convinced their Sunday Funday partner Klay Misenheimer (vocals, drums), formerly of alt-country outfit, Clay Pigeons , that they were totally serious. In September 2012, the Raleigh trio recorded Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl.” It was a hot mess, but by the end of the track the Pie Face Girls had been born as a punk rock band. Since then, their first show was shut down by the cops, they haven’t been apologizing for their behavior, and they’ve been making music that will make you blush.  On “Easy,” they flex their Riot Grrrl muscles; Huff opens the track with a slinky bass line and Hoffpauir recounts an unfulfilling cunnilingus affair with annoyed and agitated vocals. It’s uncomfortable and exciting and exactly what the Triangle music scene needs right now. And according to the band, it’s best enjoyed while drinking champagne straight from the bottle as you reevaluate your life.


Favorite pick-up line to use:

Klay: “Come see my band.” It works sometimes.

Dani: I usually say “You know I’m really crazy.”

Tiffany: I just giggle a lot.


Worst pick up line I’ve ever got:

Tiffany: One time this guy was like “You sure are pretty, just like my cousin Lisa.”

Klay: There’s no such thing as a bad pick up line for me because I’ll probably sleep with you anyway.

Dani: I can’t think of any pickup lines but I did get a Missed Connection one time. The title of it was “Dani that used to work at Starbucks and now works at Ed McKay.” It said, “You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. And I’m married and that might seem like a lot to you but if it’s not then you should get in contact with me.” I never did though.


Best thing I’ve done all year:

Tiffany: I met my boyfriend.

Klay: I went to a Hunx and His Punx show somewhere outside of Charlotte. It was total juggalo territory. It was a house show inside a haunted house. A haunted trail was going on and there was 3-d mini golf while the band was playing in one room of the house. There were black lights and you put on 3-d glasses. But there was also this tunnel that spun and it was a friend of mine’s birthday. He got really drunk and kept falling down in the spinning tunnel.

Dani: I would say it was when I dumped cum all over myself at a house show. We made fake cum out of flour and water. So you boil it and it came out with this sticky consistency. We just googled how to make fake cum.

Klay: There’s tons of pages telling you how to do it!

Dani: So we had a jar of it and during the performance I poured it all over myself. And I gave a speech about “Do I want this power, this cum? Is this the elixir of life?” It was really powerful.

Tiffany: And people still talk about it.

Klay: And for months after that we were still picking up drops of fake dried jizz.


My worst habit:

Dani: We can tell you each other’s worst habits.

Klay: Smoking or drinking? Which is it for me?

Tiffany: Drinking.

Klay: Dani likes looking at herself all the time.

Dani: And Tiffany will say something really bitchy and then giggle afterwards.

Tiffany: Look, it is how white girls survive in this world.


Favorite  music video:

Klay: Marilyn Manson “Dope Show

Tiffany: Kelis “Caught out there (I hate you so much right now)

Dani: That video with Aaliyah and the eagle, “Are you that somebody?


Musical role models:

Tiffany: Klay told me once that I’m a good bass player kinda like Kim Deal in the fact that I don’t get over zealous when I play bass and I just keep it on lock. I’m not trying to be the star of the show. So I’m gonna say Kim Deal.

Dani: I would say Courtney Love and Kathleen Hanna because they were both way out there. I’ve looked to them a lot for inspiration, I like watching videos of their live performances. It gives me some direction as to what I need to be doing.

Klay: Well now that you say Courtney Love, when I was in High School, I wanted to be Courtney Love so bad. But also whenever you first asked the question I was gonna say Gram Parsons because he changed country music forever, he did his thing and ran with it until he died.


Dump, Fuck, Marry (VMA Miley Cyrus, Bald Britney, Cornrow X-Tina):

Klay: Oh shit.

Tiffany: Well this is not what not what I was expecting.

Dani: (to Tiffany) Channel your inner lesbian.

Klay: Dump Miley Cyrus. Fuck Christina. Marry Britney. Because that would be fun.

Tiffany: Dump Miley. Fuck Britney. And Marry Christina. Cause you know why? When Christina’s singing in the shower, she’s actually singing in the shower.

Dani: Well I love Miley, I’d marry her. She’s young she’s beautiful.

Klay: She still has a career ahead of her.

Dani: I would marry Miley. Fuck Britney. And I would Dump Christina. I didn’t like the cornrows.


Easiest money I’ve ever made:

Klay: When I was in Clay Pigeons, the town of Zebulon (North Carolina)  paid us $1,000 to play there one time. And that was stupid.

Tiffany: They’ll never let us play in Zebulon anyway.

Dani: They will not let my dildo cross the town line.

Tiffany: I don’t think they’ll even let a woman out of the kitchen in Zebulon.


If the band had senior superlatives … :

Klay: Dani would be Most Outgoing. And you know, that’s basically the term for craziest bitch.

Tiffany: Klay’s would be Ms. Congeniality.

Klay: Tiffany’s would be Most Improved.

Dani: That’s true though when we first started she had no idea how to play a bass. She just picked it up and she was a fucking prodigy.


My real senior superlative … :

Tiffany: Ok, I almost beat this girl for Best Dressed.

Dani: I was Class Clown.

Klay: I was most Most Artistic or Most Artistic Comet because we were the North Stanley Comets.


Dream date:

Klay: I would go on a date with Jason Schwartzman. I just want him to play drums for me and I’ll play guitar. And we’ll just make beautiful music together.

Jason Schwartzman
Jason Schwartzman

Tiffany: I would go on a date with Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and we would go to bed and eat ribs. That’s it, that’s all I would want to do.

Charlie Day
Charlie Day

Dani: I would go on a date with Miyazaki  and we would get really high and he would teach me Japanese and tell me how beautiful my eyes were.



First show I saw in the Triangle:

Tiffany: Death Cab for Cutie at Disco Rodeo in 2002. I saw Ben Gibbard’s sweat beads.

Dani: Eric Whitacre at Duke Chapel in 2011. He does chamber music and there was one song where at the end of it he asked everyone snap their fingers and it sounded just like rain. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Klay: I saw this band called Demone at Lincoln. They were this Iron Maiden inspired pop band and they had an 18 year old lead singer chick. And she was a badass. That was like 2006.


Last great book you read:

Tiffany: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. The Handmaid’s Tale  is my favorite book of all time.

Dani: Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson.

Tiffany: So good.

Dani: So good. I loved that book so much. I was reading it in the bathtub, and I accidently dropped it in the tub. And I was so depressed because all my favorite parts were highlighted. Now they’re just smeared.

Klay: Just Kids by Patty Smith. But Dani and Tiffany are so literary.

Dani: Yeah, we started a book club until Tiffany ruined it.

Tiffany: No, you ruined it.

Klay: I wasn’t a part of this.

Dani: What happened was Tiffany picked the first book and then when it was my turn to pick the second book. So when I picked the second book, Tiffany said, “I don’t think we should do this anymore.”

Tiffany: I said, “This is a terrible book.” See, I went to school for literature. And she picked Prozac Nation and I told her to pick another and she picked A Separate Peace. It was bad. It was horrible.

Dani: I really wish we could have another book club.

Tiffany: I even tried to convince Dani to let us have a book club where I pick all the books.

Klay: Tiffany basically wanted to teach a class of one, Dani, about her favorite books.


Favorite music to have sex to:

Klay and Tiffany (at the same time): Portishead

Dani: I was gonna say it too! Portishead was the best sex I’ve ever had.

Klay: That’s so weird why do we all like having sex to Portishead?


Pie Face Girls play tomorrow night at Slim’s Halloween Rager with Paint Fumes, Royal Nites, and Cinderella and the Psychos. Click here for event info. Show starts at 9pm. Bring $5.

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