Hang Out: Troy Hancock (WOOL)


About 9 years ago, Troy Hancock started playing music. And for some time, he played around Raleigh as a solo act. But all the while he wanted a band. In January of 2012 he released the track “Bulletin Air” with Zack Oden on lead guitar, Johnny Hobbs on bass, and Raymond Finn on drums. And the new band called themselves WOOL. “Bulletin Air” is drifting dream pop that slowly builds with the tension of far away vocals, hazy guitar, and a steady minimal drum. It quickly found air play at 88.1. And after coming back home from an East Coast tour this March, WOOL found out they’d be playing at Hopscotch in September.

– – – – –

The first show I saw in the triangle: Counting Crows and Third Eye Blind at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre. It was actually the first show I ever went to. I was like 14. My brother bought me a ticket and I went with him. I thought it was gonna be really cheesy, but it turned awesome.

My Supergroup: Don Henley on drums. Noel Gallagher on guitar. Liam Gallagher on cello. I would have Flea on bass just because he’s funny to look at. And I would play guitar and sing. I would love to have that happen. I may actually have a dream about this later.

If I could be a Superhero … : Of course, I’d be Superman. He has everything. He’s strong, he can fly, he can see through things, he can never die, and he’s good-looking. I grew up reading a lot of comic books. Me and my brothers would have intense comic card trading sessions. We’d lay all our cards out in front of us on the living room floor. We’d be like, “I’ll have your Hulk Hologram for a Golden Hulk.” Or “I’ll steal a Superman for a Platinum Superman.”  And we’d do that for hours. He had shoeboxes full of comic book cards. Even though I liked Marvel better because there was Wolverine and X-Men, something always drew me to Superman.

Favorite music video: “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. Me and my brothers were always excited about that video coming on MTV. It was when all music videos started off really theatrical like movies. So in “Hypnotize” everyone’s wearing gold and white, drinking on a boat in the middle of the Florida Keys, and then the cops come out of nowhere. They speed away and then the music begins.

For Halloween I was …: I was the Trojan Man once in high school. I got in trouble for it too. I wrapped a belt around me and put condoms in it. I would walk up to couples that were talking and walking to class and randomly pull out a condom from my belt. I was also a pizza, a frat dude, a frog, and a cat, which is funny because my mom nicknamed me cat. I think she called me that because I was the youngest and I was sneaky.

Favorite Album release of 2013: Kurt Vile’s “Waking On A Pretty Daze.” I listen to that record all the time. “Never Run Away” is a little different than is old stuff. But I really like it. As far as new music goes, it’s hard to keep up with, but it’s essential to listen to what other people are doing and how people are receiving it.

For Show & Tell I always brought … : I would always bring my teddy bear Wubbie. He was cool. He had this Hawaiian print vest and hot pink shades. But I wouldn’t pass him around the class. I wouldn’t let anyone touch him. No, if there was a cute girl, I’d let her touch him.

If I could hang out with fictional character … : I’d hang out with the Mask. I just laugh the whole time. Things would get crazy. It would start out like this, I’d be chilling with Stanley Ipkiss and I’d ask him to put the mask on and he wouldn’t want to do it. But I would eventually convince him. So Stanley would turn into the Mask and we’d go out. I mean when you have a friend with a magical mask like that, there’s never a dull moment.  Instead of ordering a shot he’d be like, “Serve me up 400 shots, and he’d take them one right after the other.”

Favorite movie: It would have to be Star Wars, all of them. Wait. It’s actually neck and neck between Star Wars and Mission: Impossible. I literally watched Mission: Impossible fifty times on vhs. I would watch it, wait an hour and watch it again. I loved everything about it. Everyone hates Tom Cruise’s acting and I love him. I can recite that movie from front to back.

If I could be on any reality show … : I would love to be on Chopped because I love to cook. I’m always watching it thinking, “Where’d they come up with these ingredients? I didn’t even know these things existed.” And I’d also like to be on the Bachelorette. I’d just be there acting like I really wanted to marry this woman but I would just convince everyone else there not to. I know that’s kinda mean but I think it’s pretty funny.

First record I ever bought with my own money: Eddie Money’s Greatest Hits on cassette tape for $1. I didn’t know what it was but the cover looked really sweet. It was almost like he was a white Michael Jackson, the way he was dressed in this white jacket and shades. And he was standing on the wall. I was like “I gotta see what this is all about.”

First song I cried to: “Here And Now” by Luther Vandross. It’s really sweet. I grew up listening to a lot of soul and R&B. My mom and dad would always love to listen to that record. They play it when they’d have date nights and dance together in the living room. I remember being in bed listening to them play Luther Vandross on those nights. It’s one of those moments I’ll never forget.

Best birthday present: A bottle of champagne from my mom. I was turning 17. We were gonna have a big party. My grandparents were coming so my mom bought champagne. I found it, thought it was for me, and pretty much drank the whole thing. I hid the bottle in my room. Then my mom came to ask for it and she asked me if I drank the whole bottle. I just said that I poured it out because I didn’t like it.

Hangover cure: Taco Bell, always. I get the grilled stuffed burrito, no guacamole, and extra sour cream. Taco Bell is the saving grace of everyone’s life.


WOOL play at Tir Na Nog with No Eyes for Local Band-Local Beer this Thursday, June 27th at 10pm.



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