Hang Out: Iggy Cosky (the Lollipops)


Last year when he was being treated in a psychiatric hospital, Iggy Cosky could not quiet the sounds in his head. In about a three month period after his discharge, Cosky formed the Lollipops and recorded Pop Narcotics with Raleigh’s DiggUp Tapes. The May 2012 release is a rambunctious mess of raw falsetto and distorted synths beaten out from a worn Yamaha. But it’s exuberantly infectious. It’s also landed the Lollipops a spot opening for the Breeders and Spiritualized at this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival. Cosky hopes to expand on the Lollipops’s frenzied lo-fi on a sophomore release, also for DiggUp Tapes, later this year.

First record I bought with my own money: My first record I bought with my own money was actually a tape. It was the soundtrack to Men in Black, all Will Smith songs. I love that shit.

Role models: Miles Davis never looked back, he constantly looked forward and constantly evolved. Prince is just an enigma. He plays like 30 instruments, he does everything. Malcolm X preached unity and brotherhood which is what the world really needs to hear. Fela Kuti was a great band leader, musician, composer and also activist, philosopher, and politician. What he did for the Nigerian people amazes and inspires me.

Favorite moment from Prince’s history: I’d say Chapelle’s show. When he hung out with Charlie Murphy and played basketball with him and made him pancakes and called him a “bitch.” Also, he played Jimmy Fallon recently and he used a guitar from one of the Roots. It was like this old 1970s vintage guitar, beautiful. Prince threw it up in the air, smashed it, and walked off stage. And the dude from the Roots asked him, “Hey can you at least sign my smashed guitar that’s worth the world to me?” Prince said, “No,” and walked away. He’s kinda an ass but that’s one of my favorite moments.

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince from Anthony Dufrense on Vimeo.

Favorite Power Ranger: Actually I liked Alpha, the little robot. He had awesome arms.

Last song I listened to: “Sleepwalking” by Deerhunter.

First song I learned to play: I taught myself how to play “Sunshine of your love” by Cream when I was five years old. I was in the back of my mom’s Volvo and we were going grocery shopping and Cream came on the radio. I asked my mom who it was and she told me it was Eric Clapton. After that I begged for a guitar. My dad was a truck driver and he didn’t have too much money growing up. He sat me down and told me that if I wanted a guitar, if I wanted to be a musician,  I had to prove that I was serious about it. So he told me I had to strum my leg like a guitar. I did that for about a month, sitting in front of my mom’s stereo jamming. And finally I came home one day and there was a little toy guitar with ponies and cowboys all over it. So I figured out how to tune it in a way that I could play guitar chords. And “Sunshine of Your Love” was the first song I learned.

Snoopy’s or Char-grill: Char-grill except Snoopy’s on Tuesdays for the dollar hotdogs. But the hamburger steak jr. from Char-grill, do that all day every day.

My tattoo story: In high school I got really into Miles Davis. So my tattoo’s from a record called Bitches Brew that he did in 1969. Listening to it was the first time I actually danced. I would lock myself into my room and just dance like some Aztec sacrificial ceremony, dancing like a fool. So the image on the back of the record is from an African tribal ceremony where all the single men line up in front of the middle of the village. They wear their finest clothes and they all show their teeth. Whoever has the nicest teeth and the nicest outfit is considered beautiful. So that’s what this dude is doing on my arm, showing his teeth. But, I listened to Bitches Brew the other night and it gave me goose bumps. It’s so amazing still.

Best thing I’ve bought in 2013: The best thing I’ve bought this year is renting a practice space at Ruby Red. But I did buy a pair of shoes, these piece of shit shoes from Target. They’re already falling apart. I’ve had them for three months now. And they’re already about to start talking. I always walk my shoes to the ground because I walk everywhere I go. There’s so many pairs of my shoes that I can show you where the bottoms are open.

Best place in the triangle: The Raleigh rose garden. It’s so beautiful. When you’re there you don’t even feel like you’re in a city.

If I could have been born in another time …: Easy. Greenwich Village in the 1950s hanging out with Miles Davis, Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, and Allen Ginsberg. We’d go to Birdland  and listen to Bird and Dizzy tear it up.

Favorite drink: Five o’clock vodka. No, but really my favorite drink is sweet tea. And coffee with lots of sugar and lots of cream. I’m sure the baristas in Raleigh think I’m the weirdest cat in town because when I come up to the counter, I’ve just woke up, I’m spilling stuff, change is everywhere, and I’m like speaking in tongues trying to get my cup of coffee. It happens all the time. When I finally get coffee and I put my sugar in it, I get so paranoid that everyone’s watching me put my sugar in my coffee, because I like so much sugar. So I usually don’t put enough sugar in my coffee in public. At home, watch out, it gets really intense.

Dream date with a dead person: Billie Holiday. We’d walk around downtown Raleigh. Then we’d take a bottle of whisky to the rose garden. And hopefully I’d just listen to her sing if she’s cool with that. Have her serenade me with like “Good Morning Heartache,” or “Solitude,” or “God Bless the Child.”

What I wanted to be when I grew up: Musician. At first I wanted to be a truck driver like my father but when I was five years old I wanted to be a rock star. In elementary school I remember the teacher asking us kids to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. At the time I had a speech problem. I stuttered a lot and I couldn’t pronounce certain words. So I told the teachers that I wanted to be a magician. And I drew a guy with a guitar. My teacher was like, “No, that’s a musician.” What’s the difference? There’s no difference, it’s all magical.

The Lollipops play Local Beer Local Band at Tir Na Nog Irish Pub Thursday, June 20th.

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